“Techno WaxChem ( TWC ) / Rajsha Chemicals provides solutions in areas of Rubber Processing, Rubber to Reinforcement bonding, Rubber Functionalisation and Ozone Resistance.

It adds to our forte and make our products profile versatile in the field of Speciality Chemicals for Rubber Industry.
TWC is technology leader in speciality chemicals in the Indian Sub-continent, their products are used in companies across the globe. In over 35 countries around the world, companies make use of our business – to – business solutions for eco-friendly and cost efficient operation.

TWC Current plethora of offering includes:

  • Resorcinol Dispersions | Resorcinol Resins | Resorcinol Dipping Resins
  • HMT Dispersions | HMMM Resin & Dispersions
  • Ozone Resistance Waxes
  • Homogenising Agents
  • Reinforcing Phenolic Resin
  • Cut & Chipping Resistance Resin

Please find attached here with TWC- Speciality Rubber Chemicals Brochure for your information